There is no me without you

Fatal car crash : Louis Tomlinson died, the world mourns his loss.  

Co-member Liam Payne : “One Direction are over with him”


Harry’s letter

People have always known about it, I have loved you even before the beginning. Do you remember how it all started? Do you remember when my eyes met yours for the first time? Do you remember the first laugh together? Because I do. I remember the hundreds people at the audition and what I like to call destiny. I could have gone to the bathroom five minutes later or five minutes before and my entire life would have been different. I didn’t even need bathroom, I just wanted to run away from people, from the noise. Big mistake, because since I met you that day I have never thought about anything else that wasn’t you.


And then we became One Direction, if this is not destiny, what is it? Maybe people could say “Even if you hadn’t met in the bathroom, you would still have been in the same band” . No It’s not true. I like to think that the extraordinary forces of the universe had already planned everything because, you know, it was never about being famous , rich, nor having million fans.


It was always about you and me, about your eyes and mine, about my laughter that will never sound the same without you.



(Part 1/x)

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Be always like the sea, than breaking up against cliffs it finds always the force to try again - Jim Morrison

Sii sempre come il mare che infrangendosi contro gli scoglitrova sempre la forza di riprovarci


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I’m Italian, I don’t watch Big Brother but I ship Zankie, how it happened?

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me:soul mates don't exist.
me:unless they're my otp.
me:I don't believe in love at first sight.
me:unless it's my otp.
me:teenage love is never going to last.
me:unless it involves my otp.
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How I became a directioner

(I’m Italian, sorry for my English)

I would like to share with you my experience , how I added to the One Direction fandom , how it all started. Two years ago I used to watch videos on YouTube where there were guys with a suspicious gay relationships/innuendos and I found a Larry Stylinson , it was love at first sight ! In a few days I watched every possible moments , I became obsessed and step by step I started to love all the guys ! I used to be confused about Liam/Louis , it took some days to learn who was who and another big problem was how to write “Tomlinson” Oh my god ! I started to learn everything about them , I registered on tumbler , twitter and I found a new world ! It has been two years and now , every single day, I check all the social network , I went to their concert in Turin two weeks ago, my favorite is Liam and I love all them unconditionally ! And yes… I still believe in Louis/Harry ! I have to thank them , if it hadn’t been for them , I wouldn’t have been here !

From an Italian directioner girl xx

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Can I start to ship Liam and Garrett? … Can I? Ahah

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