me:soul mates don't exist.
me:unless they're my otp.
me:I don't believe in love at first sight.
me:unless it's my otp.
me:teenage love is never going to last.
me:unless it involves my otp.
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How I became a directioner

(I’m Italian, sorry for my English)

I would like to share with you my experience , how I added to the One Direction fandom , how it all started. Two years ago I used to watch videos on YouTube where there were guys with a suspicious gay relationships/innuendos and I found a Larry Stylinson , it was love at first sight ! In a few days I watched every possible moments , I became obsessed and step by step I started to love all the guys ! I used to be confused about Liam/Louis , it took some days to learn who was who and another big problem was how to write “Tomlinson” Oh my god ! I started to learn everything about them , I registered on tumbler , twitter and I found a new world ! It has been two years and now , every single day, I check all the social network , I went to their concert in Turin two weeks ago, my favorite is Liam and I love all them unconditionally ! And yes… I still believe in Louis/Harry ! I have to thank them , if it hadn’t been for them , I wouldn’t have been here !

From an Italian directioner girl xx

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Can I start to ship Liam and Garrett? … Can I? Ahah

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HELP! I’m going to the concert in Turin on 6 July and I have the stand up ticket ! I would like to be close to them but I don’t have the early entry , so is there someone who went already to a concert and have some advices for me? At what time should I go ? I’m thinking at 6 am! Please help me !

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